Lordy, where do I even start? first of all if you follow, your AMAZAYN! Uh, guess I could say I belong to a lot of fandoms. I love My Miley, Juju, Chloe grace moretz, five seconds of summer, one direction, Madonna, taylor swift, union j, The beckhams, the vampire diaries, Kodi smit mcphee, Jaden smith, Kylie & Kendall Jenner cameron diaz, everything disney, demi lovato, rihanna Nicole & Paris, once upon a time, CSI, merlin, the tudors, shailene woodley ( the secret life of the american teenager), Jeremy sumpter, theresa palmer, chris hemsworth, big time rush, Jim Carrey, hannah montana, ICarly, Ally & Austin, sonny with a chance, Elle fanning, Russell Brand & Lincoln Lewis. Phew.. if you can get through all of that, welcome to my crazy world. My name's francesca, but my friends call me franny, and I'm australian. So, welcome to this FRANDOM and i hope you enjoy what i post and if your offended I am not sorry. Peace out, peeps! ps. I BARELY made room for that hannah quote..sheeeesh...
  • ~ The story of my life, i take her home, i drive all night to keep her warm, and time…is frozen. The story of my life, i give her hope, i spend her love, until she’s broke inside, The story of my life.

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